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ISO 20000, BS15000 and ITIL

Conceptually, the two ISO 20000 standards and their relationship with ITIL, are best described with the aid of a diagram:

This of course is an over-simplification, but it does demonstrate the broad relationships in play, and perhaps illustrates the importance of the standards. These were published in December 2005, based upon the earlier BS15000 service management standards. The standards themselves are desribed below:

    ISO 20000-1
    This is the Specification for Service Management, the 'cerifiable' element of the pair. More Information

    ISO 20000-2
    This is the 'Code of Practice for Service Management', which designed to work with the Specification, and outlines requirements, etc. More Information

These two parts specify service management processes and form a basis for the assessment of a managed IT service. Part 1 may typically be used by: organizations seeking tenders for outsourced services; organizations that require a consistent approach by all service providers in a supply chain; existing providers to benchmark their IT service management; as the basis for formal certification; and so on. Part 2 provides guidance to auditors, implementation staff and others.

Implementation of any major quality standard is a complex operation. In additon to the learning curve, which can be steep, the demands of international standards are often rigorous. For this reason, a specific kit has been designed to aid both implemenation and understanding.

The contents of the toolkit are both diverse and comprehensive, covering all the major prcoesses. Included are the standards themselves, templates, guides, presentations and checklists. The ISO 20000 Toolkit is described in more detail on the following page: Toolkit Contents

IT Service Management Kit   The ISO20000 Toolkit ITIL Service Management

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